My Italian summer is going well. Most of my plantings have been successful and to celebrate summer’s bounty (so far!) here are some photos of of my produce:

green tomatoes

Green tomatoes, growing nicely

homegrown tomatoes

First blush

Tomatoes ripening on the vine


Summer’s bounty - home grown tomatoes

Tomato heaven!

As you can tell, my tomato vines are producing well, although I don’t know if there’ll be enough to make sugo (tomato sauce) …speriamo! Of course, the taste is squisito (exquisite)!

You’ve seen my purple beauties (see my previous post). Aren’t they magnificent? And there are lots more coming along!

eggplants growing

Purple beauties

The apricots have been harvested and also shared with the birds.

Apricots ripening

Apricots ripening

Summer’s bounty - homegrown apricots

Delicious, juicy apricots

Cucumbers are tumbling over each other to be picked:

 homegrown cucumbers

Cucumbers asking to be picked

And the nectarines and pomegranates are ripening!

 Nectarines ripening

Nectarines ripening

Summer’s bounty Pomegranates


Can you think of a better way to celebrate summer’s bounty!

Alla prossima! . . . Isabella

PS: What’s growing in your garden right now?

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