Celebration, accolades and farewells

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My final day at inClasse …and it is bittersweet. I feel a sadness that my time here has come to an end but joyous as well for the people I’ve met and the new friendships I’ve forged in the short time here.

The past four weeks have been a fantastic cultural and learning experience, at times intense but always rewarding and fun. We have a small celebration to mark the occasion and Giacomo is at his best with lovely words and certificates of achievement to hand out to Lee and myself.

I feel that my Italian language skills have improved exponentially thanks to Romina, Gaia and Giacomo and my classmates, during this fantastic sojourn in the beautiful city of Verona. I will be back to learn more and to continue the friendships!

Grazie tanto a tutti. Alla prossima …Isabella

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