A golden hour in the Giardino Giusti, Verona


The golden hour — sometimes called the magic hour by photographers — is the first and last hour of sunlight. Spending an evening’s golden hour in the Giardino Giusti is a serene experience and a must for garden lovers. I first visited the garden during the summer but on a crisp winter’s day with the sun setting over the city, the experience is magical. The view of the city from the belvedere is a photographer’s delight!

I have written about the garden during my Autumn in the Veneto so I’ll just share some photos of my golden hour here. And you — along with some very famous people such as Mozart, Goethe, Carlo Felice and others, who were inspired by and celebrated the gardens — may be transported to the renaissance  period in Italy.

Divertirsi! …Isabella

More info

Via Giardino Giusti 2, 37129 Verona

Opening times:
Open all year round (Except Christmas day)
From 8:30 till 20:00

Adults: € 6,00
Groups: € 5,00 (per person)
School Groups: € 3,00




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