A gothic church with surprises


The church of Sant’Anastasia is situated in one of the oldest areas of verona, near  the Ponte Pietra. It is a beautiful example of Italian gothic architecture.

Designed by Domenican friars,construction began in 1290AD, continuing until the 16th century. It is the largest church in Verona and although the facade was never completed, the interior is beautiful.

It is an art gallery of the best kind, with soaring pillars in red Veronese marble, frescoes and works of art by Italian Masters such as Pisanello and Niccolò Giolfino.

Interior La chiesa Di Sant'Anastasia, Verona

I found refuge here from the rain and discovered an impressive art gallery – from floor to roof – including stained glass windows and sculpture…truly beautiful!


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  1. Timotaeo

    Very interesting. Were is the picture of you standing in front of the church?

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