How to get out of the Tuscan sun


It’s June, and in Italy that means summer…and that means hot and humid! I had been looking for a shady spot outdoors (not my balcony, although it’s pleasant enough), somewhere green. I Googled ‘gardens in Lucca’ and up popped the Palazzo Pfanner. ‘Beautiful, but difficult to find’ was the recommendation in TripAdvisor. I looked it up on my map and decided to find out for myself. After a 15 minute walk along the wall, there it was! The view from the wall was inviting so, I paid the entrance fee – yes there’s always an entrance fee – and spent the following couple of hours in this beautiful green oasis.

Enjoy… Isabella

View of Palazzo Pfanner from the city wall

View of Palazzo Pfanner from the city wall


Palazzo Pfanner


The gods & goddesses of the garden


Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, sex, and a few other things…




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  1. Isabella

    Yes, it is, A secret garden hidden just inside the city walls

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