Immersion in the language of love

Piazza Delle Erbe

Piazza Delle Erbe, Verona

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The first day of school! First, breakfast with my host Ludovica, a gracious Italian woman who insists on speaking only Italian with me. In Classe, the language school is around the corner, less than a minute’s walk. I am the only student in my class, fortuitous as I have four hours of undivided attention from my teachers – there are two – the first for grammar instruction and then a session for conversation. Fantastic young women! An amazing, intense day, listening to and speaking only Italian. My brain could not function very well by the time it was over.

In the afternoon, a walk to Piazza Della Erbe to clear my head and then to a little osteria off the main tourist route for an aperitivo to toast my beautiful friends the Zamberlan sisters.

Cin cin …Isabella


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