Look who’s arrived!

Yes, Timo has arrived in Verona! Not without some anxious moments on my part however. Final contact was at 8.30 am in Milano, then…nothing! Numerous messages sent, a number of phone calls across the Atlantic and a dash to Stazione Porta Nuova, Verona and…he is in the apartment when I return, a bit crazy and disheveled. All was well, just a technical hitch…have had lots of those in Italy so far – comes with the territory, as we Aussies would say.

He had showered and changed in the time I was out looking for him so it was straight out to explore the city.

Ciao for now….Isabella

20111016-161816.jpg 20111016-161810.jpg 20111016-161801.jpg 20111016-161742.jpg 20111016-161906.jpg 20111016-162102.jpg

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