What to pack (and what not to) for a winter trip to Italy is a dilemma especially when we are heading into summer in Australia. Christmas in Italy has always been on my wish list and I’m finally going to experience winter there for the first time.  Winters in Adelaide are cold, but nowhere near as cold as an Italian winter and I’ve never experienced snow. So, what to pack?

If you’re like me, you’ve scoured the internet for the perfect packing list. I haven’t found that very helpful however. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about what to pack and also what not to. Four weeks is a long time and although I want to pack light, I like to be prepared for  all occasions. For the basics, I asked my Italian friends for advice.

Basic list:

  • warm coat (woollen if possible)
  • puffer jacket which is waterproof
  • thermals (top and bottom)
  • hat, scarf and gloves
  • leather boots
  • woollen socks (you don’t want cold feet!)
  • sweaters and tops for layering
  • umbrella

Ok, I get it, it’s cold there! Now that I have the basics, I’m thinking about what I might need for different activities.

My packing list:

  • A pair of jeans – some say that jeans are not warm but I live in them in the winter, so one pair is going in the bag.
  • Warm pants – I’ve been told velvet or wool but I don’t have woollen pants so maybe I’ll buy a pair when I’m there.
  • Sweaters, jumpers, shirts – I have a thick mohair jumper but it’s bulky so it’s on the maybe list. I’ll take a few lighter sweaters which I can layer. I love shirts, so a couple are going in the bag and I hope to buy a couple when I’m there.
  • Dresses and skirts – a skirt and a couple of woollen dresses which I will wear with long or short boots
  • Leggings and stockings – leggings, which I’ll team with the skirt and a couple of tunics, and thick stockings for the dresses. I plan to buy some fashion tights in Italy – Golden Point is my favourite place to shop for these items — stockings and tights, socks, bodysuits and other beautiful intimate and outerwear tops— in Italy.
  • Shoes and boots – a pair of black sneakers for walking if the weather is fine, a pair of dressy short boots for going out and flat ballet pumps for lounging around. When I arrive, I’m buying a pair of sturdy flat leather boots and a pair of long ones (can’t wait to go shopping for these in Verona!)

Well this is the list, apart from underwear, toiletries and accessories such as belts and bags. Next post I’ll let you know how the packing goes. Hopefully, I’ll stick to my plan of packing light. Also, there’s the winter shopping in Italy to consider, so I’ll need some room in the suitcase!

Alla prossima! …Isabella

PS: If you have any advice on what to pack for winter in Italy, leave me a comment. All suggestions welcome!


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