If you’re looking for a word to express beauty, look no further than Italian. The Italian language has many words which capture the essence of beauty in any context. And the words sound beautiful when you say them!

These are a seven of my favourite Italian words to express beauty:

1. Bellezza

Often used as an exclamation

Che bellezza! – how beautiful! / that’s beautiful!

Ciao bellezza! – Hello gorgeous!

2. Bellissima


Una giornata bellissima  – a beautiful day

Sei una bellissima donna – you are a beautiful woman

3. Meravigliosa – (my favourite italian word)

Magnificent / wonderful / marvellous

La vita è meravigliosa! – life is wonderful!

4. Straordinario

Extraordinary / special / amazing

Ha una voce straordinario – she has an amazing voice

5. Splendido

Splendid / glorious

Una giornata splendida – a glorious day

6. Smagliante

Dazzling, brilliant

Un sorriso smagliante – a dazzling/bright smile

7.  Stupendo

Stupendous / marvellous

Il Giardino Giusti a Verona è stupendoThe Giusti Garden in Verona is marvellous

The list of beautiful Italian words for beauty is long! Which Italian words do you use to express beauty?

Please share!


 . . .Isabella




2 Responses

  1. Isabella

    Hello Claire
    Yes, I think that Italian words are so beautiful. The Italians use ‘squisito’ and ‘delizioso’ to describe food …how marvellous! Spettacolare is favoloso as well 🙂

  2. Claire

    I usually use the words “stupendo” and “meraviglioso” to describe something I really love.

    There’s also another Italian word I like very much: spettacolare 🙂

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