Spettacoli al’Arena di Verona

Spectacular is the word to describe the two shows I’ve been lucky to experience at The Arena, in Verona.
Cats, the musical, sitting four rows from the stage (courtesy of my wonderful host, Lodovica) was magical, with the orchestra almost close enough to touch.
Cats, the musical
Cats, the musical

The Zucchero concert, from high up in the unnumbered seats under the stars in the amphitheatre, was amazing. The atmosphere, fantastic with everyone (including me) singing and dancing along to the music.

Enjoy the show…Isabella



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  1. Susan

    Hi Colleen Your Blog is fantastic, beautiful photos. Looks like you are having the most wonderful time, it must be soon that Tim joins you. Have a great time together. I was so sad to see Dina’s passing, my deepest sorrow for the loss of your dear friend. Can’t wait for you to get back and we can have coffee or lunch, then I can hear more about your journey.

    Lots of love Susan xoxoxoxoxo

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