Views from my balcony


Palazzo Gelmi—my home until the weekend —is an old building above a restaurant. It is in the centre of Verona, very close to the famous Arena di Verona.

The amphitheatre was built in the first century. In roman times, it was used to stage gladiator games, hunts with animals such as lions, and other spectacular events. It could seat more than 30,000 people.

These days it is used for operatic performances in the summer as well as concerts and stage shows and can seat around 15,000 people.

My room is beautiful, very spacious, with antique furniture but also with all the modern amenities that we travelers deem necessary…una bella camera da letto! From my balcony you will see the arena which is alongside Piazza Bra, and the view to the east is a quiet street with palazzi, which at night, until around bedtime, becomes a shortcut for scooters…rumeroso!

Enjoy the view…Isabella


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  1. Colleen

    Ciao cara Lynn
    Yes, in my opinion, Verona is the most beautiful city in Italy I have visited so far..but perhaps it’s also because of the lovely Italians I’ve met here and the meravigliose experiences I’ve had. Also, because it has special meaning for my dear friend Dina. Yes, wish you could see it! Isabella xx

  2. Lynn

    Ciao Bella (Isabella)

    I have just had a read and look at your blog…and I love it!!! I so wish I was there with you…it looks absolutely beautiful, the scenery is stunning.

    The buildings are amazing and I love the one of the inside of the church…they definately know how to build them over there don’t they.!

    You sound so relaxed and contented…see I knew it wouldn’t take you long.

    Anyway you enjoy yourself and I look forward to more news

    Love Lynn xx

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