Our final day in the city of love and beauty. We have fallen in love with Verona and its people. In Piazza Erbe, we take the steps up the Torre dei Lamberti for a panoramic view of the city, pausing to rest a couple of times.

Lamberti Tower, Verona

At 84m high, the tower is the highest in Verona and dates back to 12th century. The clock was added in the 18th century.The tower was built to warn the city of impending disasters such as fire or attacks by the Venetians.


Two bells were installed – the smaller, the Marangona, was used for fire alerts; the larger, the Rengo, was used to call the citizens to arms or to call the city council to meetings. Unfortunately, the Venetians got control of Verona anyway but the views from the tower are spectacular.

In Piazza dei Signori, we say hello to Dante, who had to flee Florence because he backed the wrong side, but he was favoured by the nobles in Verona and settled here.

Then it is a final farewell to some special Veronese friends.


Ciao …Isabella

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